Hi there! I’m Rachel, a piano teacher, farm aide (taxi-driver, sandwich-maker, tractor-part-picker-upper), and writer. A handsome guy named Greg conveniently serves as my best friend, banker, and husband. My faith in Jesus undergirds everything I do.

I’m a Kansas girl, wind-blown but enamored by our dreamy sunsets and fields of sunflowers. Part of my heart belongs to the Missouri Ozarks, among whose rolling hills I frolicked—oh, I mean lived—the first decade of my adult life.

I studied youth ministry, counseling, and Bible with a side of piano and an emphasis in fun at Southwest Baptist University and the Kanakuk Institute. The through-line of my life’s assorted (That’s a nice word for random.) jobs and volunteer work has been mentoring, simply doing life intentionally with people on different stages of their journeys than myself.

I need coffee, sunshine, and quality time with my people real bad. It doesn’t hurt to have a few travel adventures on my calendar. Speaking of my calendar, I believe anything can be accomplished with a good old-fashioned paper planner and a colorful felt-tip pen. My love of both cooking and eating is really a chicken-egg situation, and either way I want all the Mexican foods all day long. My radio’s tuned to country and my tv to the Hallmark Channel.

Here on the blog I write about what I’m doing, learning, laughing about, and loving as I endeavor to flourish on this side of the fence. Join me!


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