22 Birthday Wishes for My Favorite 22 Year-Old

When I was 22, fresh out of school and ready to start my first “real” job, I moved in with a fun and kind family with whom I’d become acquainted in my college town. Their daughter, Mariah, was 16 at the time, and we became close friends. Though she and I are both technically only children, in each other we gained a sister. We have milked that sister relationship for all the adventures, heart-to-hearts, and shenanigans it’s worth! This weekend she’s turning 22, and I’ve got some birthday wishes for her:


1.  May your hot tub be hot and your pool cool.

2.  May your fridge be stocked with chocolate chip cookie dough every time you get a craving.

3.  May your TV give you gifts of quality entertainment—like the distinct pleasure of watching couples who met online meet in real life on Catfish.

4.  May your nearest Vera Bradley store be an outlet.

5.  May your tummy be ever full. There’s no shame in Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes at 10:00pm.

6.  May your radio be tuned to country music and your GPS set to Nashville.

7.  May your scooter have plenty of gas to take you to Sonic and back on half-price milkshake night.

8.  May your weather forecast be accurate and your interior closet nearby. If you’re really lucky, your loved ones will wedge you in there with pillows.

9.  May your personal photographer be always handy and willing. (Psst! Brandon, this is you now!)

10.  May your shopping trips be met with the desire to see your purchases modeled in a fashion show at home. Lights and music? Even better.

11.  May ice storms and snow days find you in the company of family, friends, and endless rounds of Mexican Train dominoes.

12.  May your need for much sleep be accommodated. If it’s hot inside, sleep on your backyard trampoline. Do what you need to do!

13.  May your crazy plans have an accomplice—skateboarding lessons by cover of darkness and the like.

14.  May your resolve to be yourself never waver…even after everyone else has stopped listening to Justin Bieber. (I'll still be listening to the Biebs, which may or may not make you feel better.)

15.  May your priorities be straight: jet skiing or GRE prep course—you tell me… That was a test; if you said jet skiing, you passed.

16.  May your maturity never prevent you from jumping on a trampoline.

17.  May your late-night secrets find a listening ear and an understanding heart.

18.  May your confidence never fade that you are beautiful and you have beautiful things to offer the world.

19.  May your adventures be many.

20.  May your heartaches be few.

21.  May your disappointments remind you to believe in something better from Jesus.

22.  May your knowledge that you are loved be steadfast—by God, your husband, your parents, your family, friends, and me!

Happy Birthday, Sis!

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