Steps of Faith Movie Review & Giveaway!


It's June, and I'm soaking up the sun like a lizard on a rock! You too? In my humble opinion all those long days of maximum Vitamin D absorption are best capped off with nice, cool summer movie nights, icy Coke and buttery popcorn in hand. Well, just in time for this year's vacation viewing comes a new faith film called Steps of Faith. I screened this movie last night, and I'd love to give you my thoughts about it, an exclusive sneak peek, and an opportunity to win a DVD copy of the film! Stay tuned.

Disclosure: LEV3L Digital provided me a free copy of Steps of Faith in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was given.

Steps of Faith follows Faith, a spunky accountant whose family bemoans her lack of dates and sporadic church attendance. Faith lets them know she's received a message from God that she's to move to a new town to work on a children's horse therapy farm--despite having a rough track record with kids and animals and little experience getting her hands dirty. Her parents are understandably skeptical, but a loving pastor and a requested sign from God spur Faith to go ahead and take the plunge. More challenges await Faith at the farm; at first she can't get them to hire her, and when at last she does, she's shoveling manure all day long. In her new community she continues to receive a mixed reception from coworkers and fellow church attendees, but slowly she begins to find her way, proving her ability to persevere and stay true to the calling she believes God has given her. Along the way a romantic attachment forms between Faith and a coworker; things are finally going well for her, and she's even begun to overcome her fear of the horses. Interacting with the children is the final obstacle Faith must confront, but a near-accident involving one of the kids forces her into a crisis of faith and causes her to question everything.

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I really enjoyed this movie! I loved that the story focuses on the journey of a girl who is quite frankly an unlikely spiritual heroine due to her infrequent church attendance and implied history of mediocre spiritual interest. Many would question the validity of God speaking to someone like this, but I believe that's shortsighted. God is reaching out to people like Faith constantly, pursuing them, drawing them, and speaking to them in ways that only He can and in ways that only they can understand. Instead of focusing on how Faith heard from God or how she knew it was the voice of God, Steps of Faith spends its time on how she acted on what she believed was a message from God and what happened as a result. Spiritual journeys are messy, but God responds to seekers, and this movie does a great job of portraying just that--what an encouraging takeaway for people no matter where they are!

I appreciate a film that can communicate a strong message without being heavy-handed, and that's exactly what we've got here. Steps of Faith is breezy and comical, but it still manages to get our wheels turning about calling, responding to God's voice, failure, and perseverance. Also, we get to watch a dating relationship develop that's fun and pure, and goodness knows we need more of that!

How about a sneak peek?

Steps of Faith is currently available digitally, but I've got a physical DVD to give away to one of you, thanks to LEV3L Digital! Shoot me an email at, letting me know you're excited to check out this new film, and you'll be entered to win. Contest ends Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 5:00pm, CST. Winner will be notified via email.

You can buy or rent a digital copy of Steps of Faith here, and you can find more info about the movie on its official website here. Once you've watched the movie, I'd love for you to stop by again to let me know what you think!

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